Tubechop allows you to cut and edit YouTube videos so that you can concentrate on the interesting bits or remove offending scenes.

Like the name suggests - it's like a YouTube but for educational purposes!

Trends Dashboard
This website provides a running account of the currently trending videos on YouTube, by relying on viewership data and top video curators on the web. It also tries to provide broader cultural and media trends from the data they have for you to know the issues and musings people find relevant.

Youtube New Years Countdown
A countdown of the year's most memorable videos on Youtube.

YouTube has a large collection of music videos as we all know, but its search feature leaves a lot to be desired. If you want to search YouTube videos through a better interface, head on over to a site called uWall.

uWall is a free to use website that lets you search music-related videos on YouTube. You can use a keyword-based search to enter an artist’s or song’s name. Alternatively you can click on an artist’s picture that appears in the site’s background or you can pick a music genre from the links at the top of the webpage. Video results appear in a window overlapping the main page. The window contains the search results and the site’s video player

Download High Definition Videos off Youtube... and lot more!!
KeepHD is a sweet tool that lets you download HD videos off Youtube and other tube sites in to your video editing software! Not only can you download from youtube HD copies of your movies and music, you can also download the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices plus the standard MP4 and FLV format. Just enter your video URL below, and KeepHD will automatically grab each version of the youtube video clip you want to download.

OneLoad – simultaneously upload videos to YouTube and other video sites.  OneLoad is a free service that provides a single point for deploying videos to the top video and social networking sites. Users can also leverage our Destinations functionality to easily distribute to custom sites as well as encode and create RSS feeds to syndicate your video anywhere.

YouTube’s Holiday Gift Guide
The Holiday Gift Guide is YouTube’s page where you will find ads of numerous YouTube advertisers.
The ads are displayed as thumbnails.   Clicking on an ad opens it up and plays it. Many of the ads on the site are highly innovative and creative – they will certainly tempt you to buy the advertiser’s product.



  • Pandora like service to play YouTube music based on what you like.
  • Plays continuous stream inspired by your taste.
  • Fetches music data from
  • Save video to favorites or skip to next video.
  • Upload your iTunes playlist.
  • No registration required.

Being a DJ and controlling how the party moves is something very special. Forget the expensive equipment – if you want to be a DJ, all you need is a computer with an internet connection. TurnTubeList is a cool youtube music mixer that lets you cross-fade and mix YouTube music videos like a professional Disc Jockey
Similar site:

Youtube Disco
Are you an audiophile who loves to discover new kinds of music? If you are, check out Youtube Disco, a new YouTube music discovery project that lets you explore new music by just searching for an artist. Similar to and ActionText, this tool automatically creates a playlist of music videos from the artist that you searched and related music  that you might enjoy as well

Youtube Trailers
You can of course watch trailers of old as well as latest movies on YouTube but did you know that it has a special dedicated movie trailer archive? Well, it turns out that it does and it is pretty neat. On the left of the page, it has all the categories of movie trailers, which include the ones currently running in theaters, movies that are opening soon and the most popular trailers in recent times. The sidebar on the right has a list of the latest trailers.

Endless Youtube
One of the most wanted things wanted by YouTube users related to video playback is that YouTube currently does not provide the option to play videos continuously.
Well, Endless YouTube does just that!  It allows users to loopback continuously YouTube videos.  All you have to do is load a YouTube video in a web browser which you want to loopback and play continuously.

Youtube Movies
Ok, so they might not be the most recent or big box office hit movies, but you can watch loads of classic horror films, Three Stooges, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee, Hitchcock, and a nice selection of Bollywood titles and documentaries - all in full length and ad-free!!

Life In a Day
Life in a Day is an interactive project from YouTube that takes a snapshot of peoples lives on a regular day. While this may seem crazy and a bit scary for some, there are enough people who are willing to do this. YouTube’s Life in a Day project is a graphical 3D sphere made up of 80,000 videos by people who participated in this experiment  - enjoy a never ending stream of YouTube videos in full-screen.

StreamDrag allows you to create playlists of music that is available on YouTube.
Streamdrag is based on the idea to keep music available everywhere, completely on legal basis. The big questions in the early beginning was: How can that be made? The answer: YouTube.  StreamDrag allows you to share your favourite songs directly with your Facebook and Twitter friends, or via email.

TUBERADIO is an Internet Music video player which allows you to quickly find and organize your videos online.
The YouTube search allows you to quickly find videos on YouTube for the artists you are interested in and pick them one at a time.  Bottom line: is a wonderful attempt to bring all of YouTube’s musical goodies under one interface. It’s smooth and not difficult to navigate. For iTunes users it will be easier still because of the similar looking interface.

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